Yves Saint Laurent also Sketches

Yves Saint Laurent Sketch


Happened to be thumbing through the August 2013 Vogue Australia, ( no not in the doctor’s waiting room, or it would be the 1999 edition! ) and on the last page, called Voguepedia, was a b/w sketch which really took my eye.

The fine print at the base of the page describes it thus: In 1969, British Vogue commissioned the enigmatic Yves Saint Laurent to share his likes and loves in his own personal ‘dream wall’ sketch.

Almost 45 years later, it’s still easy to see why the designer we adore loves the colour black.

This idea is rather like our Travel Sketch Journal concept. Making sketches and notes of the things you like, love, enjoy and tickle your fancy. In fact I do see a feather above!

You could call it a sketch portrait.

Love the wall idea.



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