What’s this in the Cupboard

What's this in the cupboard!
What's this in the cupboard!

Somehow when family comes home, the food in the cupboard changes.

Usually we have nothing which is highly salted or sugared. Apart from assorted dark chocolate of course.

Joanna & Olivier had been on a food shopping spree at the local supermarket and returned with a lot more than we were having for dinner that night. Aussie products they don’t get too often they said!!!!  Is this what we are known for?

Macadamias are great as is, but these are ‘chilli’, ‘Sour cream & chilli’ & ‘honey-roasted’. Tim Tams come in at least 6+ flavours now but we limited ourselves to only 3 for some reason. As for the other stuff – well.

But it was such a novelty to see it there, decided a sketch would be very amusing.

Tim Tams for dessert anyone?


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