What to wear in 43 degree heat

This is probably one of NSW’s hottest ever days.

Joanna from Glasgow working in 43 degrees in Sydney!
Joanna from Glasgow working in 43 degrees in Sydney!

We get days like this. This country is of contrasts. Can have floods (not at the moment) fire, yes houses and people being lost right now, heat, yes 43 degrees instead of a cool 33! Violent hot southerly buster late in the day – just blew the whiskey decanter over – hot whiskey anybody? That wind is a nightmare for the firefighters.

The 2 dogs ( one being doggysat ) both needed a cold bath in the tub to cool them down, and may need another. They just flop about looking for a breeze – sorry all hot wind today. That’s Amelie under Joanna’s chair sweating it out. She’s ( not Amelie ) working on stuff for her Glasgow company while Downunder. A little cooler there methinks.

I had to laugh – still possible while looking like a beetroot! As I was doing this sketch, I had the water jar on the floor, and heard slurp  slurp slurp. One of the dogs was drinking the water. Red and blue tastes good!

Hope we get some relief tonight.

P.S. Guess what, 12 .17am and its still 35!


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