What Did I love About This Week

Amy on God I Love Paris made this one of her subjects this week, and she asked others what they loved about their week.

*Snow falling over my Art+travel journal posts, on 30 degree days.

*Looking out in the morning to see what the day is like, the morning air and the aroma of summer flowers. Gardenia, Jasmine, Hoya, all blooming at the moment.

*Walking Amelie early, along the pathway above the water and looking down at my favourite spot to see what the water is doing, where the tide is and what the colours are.

*Having my breakfast, 1 weetbix with fresh seasons fruit, on the balcony watching the harbour.

*Getting in my little blue car,  having two pieces of chewing gum, which lasts me till I get to the Studio – 2 mins away.

*Walking to Manly late evening with Milton & Amelie, because he’s run out of chocolate. Seeing the lovely and enormous Christmas tree on the Corso – which I’d like to draw. And the enormous coloured baubles they’ve hung in the massive Morton Bay Figs – and the fruit bat hanging upside down next to one.

*Seeing the young girls off to Christmas functions in their gorgeous frocks and high high high heels.

*Being with lovely people at our Open night this week and hearing all the nice things they say. Having dinner at Wok Bar afterwards with some of our favourite people.

*Talking about it all the next day with the girls in the Studio.

*Feeling calm about the amount that’s in my diary, and ticking off most of it.

*Our mad Christmas Tree which we thought flashed only full speed like a disco party, but  found it has several more passive settings – whew.

*The Concert at The Great Hall of Sydney Uni to hear my friend Virginia singing with the choir.  2 French Christmas masses, 200 years apart. One by Charpentier, the other Saint-Saens. Just perfect.

*After concert coffee on the balcony, with half a chocolate muffin, and half a raspberry one, watching the ferry gliding in.

*So many good things to happen yet. I love this time of year. Summer and Christmas. What did you love about this week?

Manly Ferry, St Patricks, Reflections
Manly Ferry, St Patricks, Reflections

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