Whales in the Bay

Whales in the Bay
Whales in the Bay

Just the usual morning. Get the dogs ready to walk. Get me ready to walk. Off we go.

What’s that black shape out in the bay? It’s not a boat, not a bird, not a dolphin. OMG it’s a whale – two actually.  Looks like a big one and baby. Awwwwwww. Cute.

Suddenly people stop each other to point them out. Excitement, pointing, smiling. Conversations about which way they’re going, how graceful  they are, did you see them last week etc, with people you’ve only passed by before. Now we’re swapping family secrets! Almost.

Everybody feels so happy. It’s wonderful. Whales make people very happy.

This is a 12inch square acrylic on canvas.


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