Venice brightened up


New brighter Venice
New brighter Venice


Let there be light. Well now you can see your way around the canals of my Venice, and not bump into any old palazzo. Sorry sir, I just didn’t see you in your gondola, it’s so dark around here!!!

Not any more. Squeezed out the White Acrylic and was still able to use the colours from the other day. I must get used to using white paint again. I’ve been putting out the pure colour and using the lightest as my guide for the tonal balance. But I wasn’t liking it in ‘Venice’. There is already a lot of similarity in the stone, timber and aged surfaces, but that shouldn’t translate as ‘dull’.

When I left this one today, I felt there were some nice pieces of painting going on here, and it had been a good day.

So I can go to the movies tonight and feel I deserve my ‘choc-top’.


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