meet our sydney tutors


erin Hill

I’ve sketched all my life. Based on my experience and background as Art Director in major Ad Agencies, Graphic Design, Fine Art and Illustration - I’ve pared down the essentials to create the Erin Hill travel sketching approach which we use in all our schools. Of course I always painted, drawn and illustrated as well. But sketching is where I always come back to.


Toni Konijn
senior tutor

I love seeing students learning to see the world around them in new ways, learning to translate their everyday observations into sketches that come to reflect their own unique style. My tutoring style is student-centred. I aim to guide students to express their own creativity, sketching in an environment where students feel supported and confidence soars. No judgement, no scores, art for art sake.


Kathy Wesson
Senior tutor

As a tutor I hadn't anticipated the quiet joy I would feel, seeing others discover their artistic flair or awaken a long dormant creative passion. This is the happy by-product of being a tutor at Erin Hill Studio. Henry Miller said “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” and seeing Manly through the eyes of a group of happy sketchers is time well spent.


Gaye Pitt

My background is in Ceramics, Appliqué quilting and Woven recycled fabric art. I also teach of high school Visual Arts and hold a Bachelor of Education Visual Arts. Joining Erin Hill Sketching has it has reignited my passion for sketching on the go and has enabled a sense of community with other enjoyers of food, travel and art. I look forward to new friendships and sharing the accessible techniques of EHS to sketch anywhere … and revealing the mysteries of colour.



Tammy Bergman

I am passionate about learning and education, specifically art. I have completed an extensive range of courses, since qualifying as a high school teacher leading me to teach in Textile and Design and Food Science. My interest in creating edible art sculptures led me to further study where I received an Advanced Certificate in Fashion Retail (TAFE). I love sharing my knowledge with students. My goal is to know that each student feels empowered with their sketching skills as well as confident within themselves.



Pamela Black

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Donna Draper

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