Trying Out Techniques

Night Food Markets
Night Food Markets. Red coloured pencil/w’colour.
Beach & Pool
Beach & Pool. Brown coloured pencil/w’colour.

The plan was to sort through my art gear with an eye to what I’ll take on the Europe painting trip. But as usual I’m side tracked very easily which happened when I emptied out my bits and pieces.

On the floor were my watercolour pencils and oil pastels. Both had me interested in whether I wanted to use them again. Been awhile must say, but decided there could be an idea with the pencils. So opened them up to find only 10 of the original 42 and the best colours were missing. Undaunted I picked out a brown and did a sketch with it of our nearby beach from reference I had.

Then brushed some water over the brown lines and was pleasantly surprised at the effect. Very soft but I quite liked it. So I added colour with watercolours from my palette and decided it was interesting.

Next I wanted to do another, this time with a red pencil which was extremely short. I did the night markets from other reference using just red to draw. Confidence was up by this time so stronger colour could be applied. The sky was very blue and all the lighting had made a colourful scene. These markets were on every Friday so we’d walk round there and order a plate of Mexican or Thai and take a seat somewhere, eating and observing.

Not sure I’ll take these materials with me but it is a bit of fun I can have when the mood takes me. Weight is a huge consideration when flying, so at least I only do watercolour. The others using oils really have to plan. Woohoo not long now.


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