Try the Meditation Challenge

Try some daily meditation
Try some daily meditation

I heard something wonderful on my favourite radio station (Radio National -576 on your dial – in Australia.)

They are having a 6 week Meditation Challenge.  What a great idea I thought.

Usually it’s a TV cornflakes challenge, or a health drink challenge – 2 weeks and lose blah blah kilos etc. However, to encourage people to have a little go at Meditating seems downright sensible. Help people to feel good. Why not.

Especially now. This is about to be the Silly Season. Once Melbourne Cup has been run on the first Tuesday in November here in Australia, it does feel as though Christmas is tomorrow and people seem to run about in ever decreasing circles. You have to wonder why! We have 12 months to get ready for the next one.

I know this challenge started last week, but to sit quietly for a few minutes in a quiet spot is so refreshing. Even if you didn’t start last week it doesn’t matter.

Over the years our family have all embraced yoga and meditation, and keeping fit and healthy. It certainly helped with major exam nerves with one of our girls several years ago. She is now a scientist at MIT in Boston. I know she and her husband still take time to calm themselves with all that goes on in their frantically busy lives.

Both girls have found a way to achieve enormous amounts in their careers by taking a few moments when they can clear their heads and get priorities right. A meeting in Paris, another in London, Stockholm or Glasgow, and to smile through it all,  is all in a days work for our other creative daughter.

Meditation is something you do when you get a moment – anytime of day. Even if it’s just a reminder to stand up straight, or breath more deeply. It’s the journey that’s important. Keep it simple. Take time for you. If you feel great, everyone round you benefits.

Go on, sit down and let yourself relax. Close your eyes and listen to your heart beat. Yes you have one. Of course your mind drifts off, but just bring it gently back to listening to the sound of your breathing. Only for as long as you can and off you go.

Life is so darned precious. Why not get the very best you can out of it.


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