Tropical Manly

Tropical Manly - decorative
Tropical Manly - decorative
Acrylics - decorative
Acrylics - decorative

‘Tropical Manly’ is the last one to be completed before the exhibition Opening on Saturday.

I have hung the groups in their varying styles, which I prefer, rather than mixing them all around. Because I have location sketches, Watercolours, decorative Acrylics and major acrylics – they look best if grouped sort of together. Other artists will know how tricky the hanging part is. I started a couple of days back, lived with it, then changed about a bit – and now I think I’ll stop.

The second pic shows ‘Tropical Manly’ in situ with the other decorative acrylics, and they seem to work pretty well together – I think. You’ll also notice some of those 12inch squares I’m so fond of.

I don’t expect to paint on Saturday, but I have a canvas ready to start when I’m in on Monday. Be nice to think I’ll have a space to hang it!!!!


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  • Erin, you once described your technique for achieving the soft edged acrylic paintings; would you be willing to again share it?
    Thanking you,

    • Of course Edward. While the paint is still drying, use a dry brush to soften the edge and blend it. If it’s had time to dry it makes it more difficult to do. If a sponge or cotton tip works that’s ok too. I mix the acrylic with some Open medium and some Gel medium. One gives the paint lustre, the other prevents the paint drying too quickly before you apply it. Let me know how you go. Cheers, Erin

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