This is your official invitation to ‘Hotel Marigold’. Trausse South of France.

During June July and August 2016, Milton and I are residing at La Bergerie in the tiny village of Trausse – Minervois, Southern France.

We have 2 double rooms, and a loft twin bedroom available for you, our family and friends to visit anytime during those 3 months. Check the house here, and all about Trausse. The village is a very good base to pop over the border to Spain.

We also have friends and Sketch students staying in Marilyn and Steve’s 2 houses during that time. So you can mis and mingle or do your own thing.

This little village is a quiet and delightful place where only about 400 people live and work. Not that you’ll see many of them, but from behind their lace curtains they’ll certainly know we are there.

There is one small supermarket and one cafe, so all your main items are available – the baguettes are fresh each day for our breakfast and the wine and cheese will amaze you when you see the prices. We can all contribute to making sure we all have a great ol’ time, even if it’s pouring the wine and keeping us in hysterics.

There is so much history in this region. The Cathars were persecuted on orders from Rome for not paying their tithes in the 12th century and stories of this exist in the nearby villages where they lived.

The walks are fascinating, picking fresh figs, pears, blackberries as we go, oh and the grapes just have to be tasted. We found an old stone quarry last time where they’d been making enormous wheels for grinding. Just lying there.

We are 1/2 from Carcassonne with one of the most visited Cathar Castles in France. We love the cafes, chocolate shops, local fabrics and pottery and markets. You can feel the history everywhere. Life as it’s always been lived at a pace decided by sunrise and sunset.

Let me know when you’d like to book in. The cost is a mere $150 per week per person. Stay as long as you like.