Join me on a magical Travel sketch Tour of Tuscany. Those romantic Italian images you’ve dreamed of will soon be there in your sketchbook.

You’ll be sketching that quick impression of olive trees, ploughed fields, Tuscan stone cottages, ancient alleyways and archways, roses tumbling from window boxes.

With a black pen you’ll be seeing your pages begin to tell the stories in your sketchbook. Done in a moment with a dash of colour added.

You’ll be sketching in the time you have. This is why we call it Travel Sketching. Five minutes? Thirty minutes?

Quietly observing and capturing what you see in a few lines.

I will show you exactly how to achieve those skills and precisely what to look for when you’re out and about. That pot of geraniums, that wine glass and bottle. Everything is a sketch. Something seemly everyday things come to life when you sketch it.

All levels of sketching are welcome.

The priority is always to show you special Erin Hill Sketching techniques to more quickly than you can believe, produce work to a standard you did not think possible. For watercolour enthusiasts, you’ll adore the way we use this medium.

I am excited to have you join me on this unforgettable tour.


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