Tiny Travel Watercolour Set

Very tiny & compact watercolour set
Very tiny & compact watercolour set

This shows a similar travel size watercolour set to mine, which I’m so passionate about – which I bought in San Francisco a year or so back. If I’d had a spare minute I’d have sketched this one for you. Please forgive me in my excitement. A mere photo!

I hadn’t seen any as small in Australia, but had seen larger ones at outrageous amounts. So when people asked where to get one like mine, I felt I should find where and how. No one needs to pay more than somethings worth.

This little one is available now. If you are getting one for yourself , you will need to take out 4 colours and replace with the fresher clearer ones we use.

Take out Lemon yellow, Alizaron, Viridian, Prussian blue. You should add Permanent Rose, Hookers Green Dk, Cobalt Blue and Cerulean. 

You should have a much cleaner pallette of colours. I can help you with the above.


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