Thursday. Rain…. but no what’s this!

Warm up sketch at Bacino bar
Warm up sketch at Bacino bar
The caffeine queue
The caffeine queue

It was absolutely pouring when I left home – dressed in my raincoat, hoping my hair wouldn’t go curly.

Got to Bacino bar where we’d meet up for our Sketch class. They have an outdoor area outside the doors to the cafe, with proper French tables and woven chairs. Very chic! and because that’s where we wanted to sit to get the best sketches, it meant getting a wet bottom if you couldn’t get the seat dry enough. No worries we dried off later, shaking our feathers.

We had such a good time. Observing the comings and goings as people arrived, ordered, waited or took a table. The sitting ones usually stay longer I said, so easier to sketch. The little dog was there waiting too, with a vacant look while it’s person ordered. Obviously done this heaps.

Before long we noticed the rain had stopped. My iphone didn’t mention this in it’s hourly updates. But all was forgiven. Amazing what a bit of sun can do to one.

So off we trotted to ‘4 Olives’ round the corner for a yummy lunch and some more sketching. We had a few laughs over each of our versions of the caffeine people too.


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  • I am really enjoying your descriptions and sketches (or are they paintings) or your classes. Almost (but nowhere near ) as good as being there.
    The sunshine was wonderful when it was here

  • I love your sketches–they have such a sense of fun and play in them, even if you’re once again getting rained on! We’re always looking for interesting places to sketch indoors during the dark fall-winter evenings.

    It looks like you moved your website to a new site–very nice and it works beautifully. I clicked on a few paintings and really liked the way they enlarged so nicely. Or am I mistaken and it’s the same website you’ve had for a few years?

    • Thanks Jana, It should be summer here now, but we keep getting cold grey days and lots of rain. Actually had a sunny day for our last class of the term.
      Yes I’ve moved to Big Cartel and pleased you found it easy to work. It’s purely a catalogue for paintings so I’m happy with it.
      The blog of course is so much more interactive.
      Hope to catch up one day, and sketch with you. That would be fun.

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