Thursday August 2nd. Open Books & Art Deco

Books & open pages
Books & open pages
Julie at the staircase in Chancery Chambers
Julie at the staircase in Chancery Chambers
'Smokers Please' in the upstairs foyer
‘Smokers Please’ in the upstairs foyer
Mrs Morley, 99yrs & still running her haberdashery
Mrs Morley, 99yrs & still running her haberdashery in the Arcade
Capturing Art Deco Chancery Chambers
Capturing Art Deco Chancery Chambers
Belgrave Cartel for sketching and dining
Belgrave Cartel for sketching and dining

Another challenge today. A couple of upright books per table, open with fanned out pages. Mmmm. A whole lot of looking and seeing required. Not only is there perspective, but making note that open pages fan out in a curve. Most interesting.

So to follow up on that, it was down to the Art Deco  Chancery Chambers on Belgrave St. Plenty of curves and circles here.

Owned by the Humpherys family since 1920, and absolutely untouched, right down to the wood mailboxes, original polished wood doors, tiles, iron railings and more. Even the loo paper holders are original on the terrazzo walls. You gaze up through the central lobby to a glass dome lighting up the interior. So beautiful.

We popped in to meet Mrs Morley, who runs the tiniest Haberdashery business in Chancery Chambers, and  had her 99th birthday on Wednesday. Read the article in The Manly Daily about her this week and you’ll be so inspired. 6 days a week she’s there. No signage but the little blackboard at the front of the Chambers. How do people find you I asked. I turn up the radio was her reply. I love it. Having a blog is my version of turning up the radio!

Lunch was at Belgrave Cartel just along a little. Very moody and european with Mumma doing the cooking. Another family run business which we all support. Jenny had a perch in the window, and had chosen the garbage bin as her ‘Art Deco’ subject. As I keep saying – sometimes the unexpected make the best sketches.


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  • Hi Erin, I love your blogs and read them with great interest every time they come through. Whwere is Belgrave St?
    I am from the gold coast and plan to visit Sydney soon and would like to see and sketch the street/ buildings.

    • Hi Ron,
      How nice of you to say that. One really doesn’t know who sees these things. Thank you.
      Belgrave St is the one leading from Sydney Rd towards Manly Wharf.
      You are welcome to join us for a casual class if you are in Sydney. Then you could see the intriguing places we sketch.

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