There was a crooked house. Virieu

There was a crooked house
There was a crooked house

This was a challenge. Buildings in France are never quite squared up anyway, so I adored this one. It seems some very well known painters have done this one too.

In the village of Virieu, they are so very proud of the fact that painter Johan Barthold Jongkind  ( 1819-1891)  painted this house and many other local views . He actually tutored Monet at the beginning of the Impressionist movement!!

We met head of the Association ‘Walking in the Steps of Jongkind ‘ which takes people to the spots he painted in and to see some of his originals. Louis Fournier was so thrilled that Jackie is organising painters to come to the area and invited us all into his glorious home to try his walnut wine. He loves the idea that international painters are coming to stay, giving the village a focus and promoting it’s rich history. This was the sort of experience which few would have until now, but with Jackie bringing us here, the locals are opening up their gardens and homes for us to paint in and offering drinks and food  tastings which they are very excited about. Chantal Pinaud whose house and garden we painted in, loves the Americans so much that she has ‘Thanksgiving’ every year for her friends. I’m sure they have no idea what it’s about!! Those paintings I will show you next.

I’m using a layer of thin ochre to give the paper a tone, and began painting with softer colour than I usually put on, but something in me is changing. Not a lot of time to explain as we are sharing one internet line, and I’m getting the evil eye!

Hotel Pascal, Virieu
Hotel Pascal, Virieu

Had a lovely salade here between paintings. I can now say that Marianne the owner loved this so much she bought it. It will be lovely to know that someone related to it now has it to show the local patrons.

Sooo hot. It’s exactly how I remember France in the summer. Birds chirping, cows mooing, chickens scratching. Everything happy. Chat soon.


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