The Seagull and Me

Lunch at Ciao Belli Cafe
Lunch at Ciao Belli Cafe

A very nice day again. Decided to pop in to Ciao Belli Cafe, sit quietly in the sun, and sketch.

Flavia brought me a delicious Greek Salad and I settled into the seat with a seaside view. St Patrick’s sits high on the hill above the wharf. The Norfolk pines framed the setting. Looked like a sketch to me.

Not a soul around so it seemed more like my own place, unlike weekends when we share Manly with all the people who are not lucky enough to live here.

The sea was lapping on the sand just below me, the colour green merging with turquoise as I follow the colour across to the wharf, just visible through the railings.

And there he sat. The big seagull. Patiently standing on top of the plinth. He would have liked to share my lunch, but made no move. He knew I was sketching so I decided he liked being a feature. But the look of expectancy remained.

A very enjoyable half hour or so, and then Flavia brought a freshly made mango muffin, to take home for Milton. She knows they are his favourite. I did get it home in one piece, and we all shared a little after dinner.

Sorry seagull. Next time.




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