The Painted Beach

Fairlight Beach & Pool
Fairlight Beach & Pool

This weekend is Open Studio as part of the Manly Arts Festival. Luckily I had opened the Studio in time to be on their website program. I have a nice big notice on my window saying I will be open so we will see what happens.

Not that I will be sitting on my thumb, as I’ve gessoed the next paper and got the first layer of thin acrylic down. Yellow. I haven’t decided what colour will go next. Then once it’s dry I’ll do the drawing loosely and begin.

If people pop in, the fact that I’m painting makes conversation pretty easy. I have some drinks for thirsty people and some tiny crackers to nibble and paintings on every wall.

Should be fun. The locals love seeing me there, so hoping all the shy ones will come and say G’day.


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