The Old chair gets a new life.


Old Chair with Kuna Indian hand embroidery
Old Chair with Kuna Indian hand embroidery
Old chair becomes a canvas
Old chair becomes a canvas


It looks really bright and interesting now, this old chair I inherited from my Mum. She loved the moss green velvet and mahogany wood, but I wasn’t so sure.

It’s had some time in storage but when I took the studio, decided that with some re-styling, this old chair would be very comfortable as a place to think.

On went the gesso – 2 coats, over the velvet and wood. Really needs a good sanding – which actually softens the velvet back to a softer finish. However I haven’t – huge amount of dust!! Then I decided to use the fabric which has been waiting to be made into something, and here it is. The Kuna Indian women ( near Panama ) use several layers of coloured fabric , then cut it away to make the design and stitch all around. Parrots feature in most. They are amazing and actually should be in an art gallery,

I stitched black fabric borders first to set them off, and then made the cushions. the two over the arms are unfilled, but perfect there for now.

Some happy thinking should come from my time here.


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