The first Student Sketching Exhibition

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Friday November 22 ’14. Opening Night.

November 22 till January 17.

This was a first. Firstly an exhibition of our work. Also the first exhibition for Bella Vista Cafe in the newly renovated gallery.

Gabriella had made the suggestion a few months ago, that we hold an exhibition and have an Opening Night – which was also our Christmas celebration. We decided we would love to.

Our exhibition is unusual in the sense that we don’t sketch to sell or exhibit. The sketch is our memento of something we treasure. It stays in our sketchbooks and is part of our journey.

However one can still exhibit to show our work. These are high quality prints, one from each of the 42 students who submitted a piece to exhibit. In fact they can be sold, but we don’t do ‘red stickers’ to show that. The staff have a catalogue and it’s recorded there. Selling quietly you could say

Our real purpose is to share with you, our family and friends, our passion for what we do.

So do visit the beautiful North Head Sanctuary, with it’s superb view of Sydney Harbour, and enjoy an excellent coffee and lunch at Bella Vista Cafe & Gallery.

Gabriella and her staff will make you very welcome and you will soon see how excited they are about hosting this show.

This may be our first, but everyone is so excited about it, it may not be the last. Enjoy.

We’ll have our Summer Cafe Sketching here at Bella Vista every Tuesday between terms. 10am – 12noon. Details here.

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