The Exhibition Is looming

From The Bather Pavilion
From The Bathers Pavilion

I should be getting anxious, but  a sense of exhilaration is coming over me instead.  This is going to be quite a show.

The exhibition space itself is a lovely airy 30’s style building ,and really was the old changing sheds many long years ago. Nowdays it’s an award winning restaurant and cafe, with the most wonderful upstairs areas for special occasions. This is the area I’m so thrilled to be showing my work in.

When I was at Julian Ashton Art School, Balmoral Beach was my backyard, and where my first efforts in oils took place. Once I discovered watercolours of course, I never looked back. This will be a bit like coming home.

When I had Erin Hill Gallery for those 10 years, my cards prints and originals of Balmoral were our fastest selling works. Sydney and the harbour were always in demand too. Then we added other parts of Sydney as requests came in. Then we added other parts of Australia and  then came the world. ( well, bits of )

It was when Steve and Marilyn Capper wandered through one day and struck up a conversation about their cottages in Trausse Minervois, South of France, that the International bit was born. Naturally it was important to visit the village and paint on location to produce the card I now do for them every year. 2009 was our 13th Christmas painting.

So I am excited that Steve will officially open the exhibition. He and Marilyn never fail to be fabulous hosts both in France and Australia.

The Bathers Pavilion staff will be doing some gorgeous food, and we’ll be having some exciting spanish style wines by Vinifera of Mudgee. Tony and Debbie have been producing some of the best wines in Mudgee for many years, and have the medals to show for it.

I have a big collection of works to show from my travels, so many of the countries I’ve painted in will be on display. These include many parts of Australia, NZ, France, Greece, Italy and a some cute penguins, turtles and other Aus. animals.

Nothing will be framed. All works are matted, and protected in a clear cover, and most paintings are quite small. This is because I travel and it’s easier, and they are a good size to scan and produce the cards and prints we do from each original.

I have my 2012 Exhibition on during all of March and April. The work showing will be completely different from above. My new major and decorative acrylics will feature, along with location sketches and paintings. Be sure to attend.

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