The Bathers Pavilion

Entrance to Bathers, Streetside
Entrance to Bathers, Streetside

It’s been a while since people changed into swimming costumes here, and with the interior changes and renovations over the years, it would be hard to work out where that was.

I adore this building with it’s windows in all sorts of odd places and decorative details to emphasise doorways. As you approach from this side, you are looking straight through to the sea.

It’s these windows which make it such an interesting wallspace to exhibit on. Upstairs there are windows at ceiling level, floor level and not too many in the middle. Then they can be grouped in twos or threes with varying spaces between.

So somehow I will work out a way to present paintings in very irregular spaces. I just love it. No way is this your blank exhibition space. This place breathes attitude. Been there awhile, and ain’t going anywhere – so work with it baby! Yep, I will.

And that’s just upstairs. On the ground floor are two dining spaces. The informal side is where I tend to go. The food is great (happens to be award winning) and the coffee is some of the best in Sydney. Have I mentioned the view? I think you’ll get the idea when you see my paintings.

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