the art of sketching – for teens. school hols.


In our fun 2 hour classes we will teach you how to see. If you’ve become frustrated that you cannot get your drawings to ‘look real’ then this is the answer.  Suitable for ages 12 years plus.

With the guidance of Toni Konijn your tutor, you’ll find yourself sketching everything from flowers, cosmetics, hats & shoes, bicycles, old cars, hot chocolate and squishy muffins – you name it you’ll soon be sketching it.

And don’t worry, we have lots of subjects for all students. We design the subjects to suit your group.

You’ll also find that your new skills will help you in other creative areas now and in the future.

These observation, or visual measuring skills are exactly the ones artists over the centuries have used to get the way they see their subjects – onto their page or canvas.

All young people will benefit from this new skill, even if you think you are not creative. Do we have a surprise for you!

Do just one or do all classes. It’s up to you.

10am – 12noon. 

Tuesday September 23rd,

Wednesday September 24th

Tuesday September 30th,

Wednesday October 1st.

at Erin Hill Studio. 97 Sydney Road, Manly.

$35 per class or 4 for $130.

You will need an A5 sketchbook, couple of black drawing pens, and a small box of water-colour pencils.

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  • Hi Erin. I have forwarded this on to some mums with teenage girls and to the school counsellor at Narrabeen Sports High.. I wish my boy was keen. Can they do one day or have to book in for all 4. My sons reluctant as he doesn’t know what to expect. My daughter would be very keen. She is 8 going on 12. Let me know if you do kids ones in the future. Or what about Mother and daughter J lol.. xxx

    Looking forward to your class this Saturday



    • Hi Debra,
      Oh that’s great, as I know many of the teens would love a chance to learn these simple skills.
      Of course people can come for just one class.
      We’ll do the teens these hols, then over Summer will have Pre-Teen classes as well.
      We have thought of the Mother/ daughter and Father/son classes too.
      Again, during Summer.
      Thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated. XXE

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