That Crazy Sailboarder

That Crazy Sailboarder
That Crazy Sailboarder

I could hear the wind when I woke. I looked out the window at a wild and wooley day. And there he was. Skitting across the waves at break neck speed. I had to laugh though. I’m sitting here with my morning cuppa tea, and he’s out there getting the thrill of his life. It’s 6.10am.

On closer inspection I see the Friday kayak group also out there. Looks like a battle. Normally they are nicely in tandem, and you can hear them chatting on a good day. But they are boys, and fearless!!

The crazy guy’s sail has a red border. There is another sometimes with a blue border. They appear when the wind rattles the windows and white caps  break across the whole bay. The ferry is about to lunge it’s way across to the city.

It looks like rain. What a grey blustery ol’ day. But someone’s having a good time.


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