From Tom, one of our delightful students on my recent Spain/Morocco Sketch Tour.

‘I was worried about retirement (or re-wirement) but friends told me the answer was to find something that makes my heart sing and I might just have found something: Sketching.

I reluctantly agreed to go with my wife on a sketching tour to Spain and Morocco and had no intention of sketching.

But once we got to Granada and I saw the group sketching, I changed tack and joined them.

Although I had never drawn before, it was fun.

The tutor Erin Hill, based in Sydney, runs several European tours a year and has classes in France and USA.

She is amazing and a great teacher even for a klutz like me.

In Tangier, at a hotel where Matisse once stayed, the hotel manager, looking at my simple drawing, said I was even better than Matisse - there is hope for me yet!