September 2017

After meeting Erin Hill and Annette Morris during one of their classes in my tea salon, I was amazed by the talent, environment and complicity of the group. Soon, after several sketching classes at my tea salon, I inquired in the amount of time the artists had been sketching and painting- to my surprise the artist I asked said it was her first time! I couldn’t believe it as there was such a beautiful sketch in her book! Erin Hill guaranteed that I could do the same on the first day too!
I have taken my first class today with Annette and 3 other lovely ladies. I am so proud of what I sketched and after painted! The class was fun, interesting and educating!
I highly recommend taking the classes! I can not wait for my next one in Oct. 2017!
Thank you Annette for you time (and patience) and Erin Hill for making an artist out of me!