Term 6. Week 6. Natural objects and perspective.

Welcome to week 6. What a relaxing lovely week it has been. Students have been learning new skills looking at detail, contrast and found natural objects. The sun has been shining and our New Sketchers learnt about eye level perspective. Take a look and see the brilliant work.

Manly Tuesday General

Such a creative day in the studio today, honing our observations skills. Where are the lights & darks, how best to capture that texture or make that sketch pop?
A myriad of found natural objects to choose from, lots of technique, materials and new combinations to embellish our sketches. Time to explore, drink tea and chat. Such a productive class and lovely sketches to boot.



The Rocks Wednesday General

We met at The Botanical Gardens Cafe on a glorious sunny day. We foraged for natural objects on our walk into the park. Sketching detail, focusing on contrast and tone. As always a very enjoyable morning  for all.



Blue Mountains Thursday General 

The fire going, warm as sumner in the studio! So many natural objects to inspire us. We experimented with gouache, pastels, ink, sticks and ink, dip pens in ink, fountain pens, conte crayons, inktense, graphitint,  and nibbled on nougat whilst drinking chai tea. We missed you Robbie. Whata delightful   morning focusing on details and contrast. Next week we are going shopping. Look out Springwood…. The Erin Hill Sketchers are sketching your town next!


Manly Thursday General

Snugglepot & Cuddlepie would have been thrilled to see you sketch today. We were inspired by gum nuts, feathers, pine cones, shells and seed pods. We talked about ways to keep our sketches energetic and loose, how brown can flatten a sketch and the importance of adding brights and darks. We were also reminded not to fiddle-faf but rather let our colour drop & run 😉
Lovely sketches everyone.



Manly Thursday Evening General

Nature’s Shapes, our theme for the week had us  using charcoal and oil pastel and gel pens along with our watercolours to show our interpretation of feathers, banksia men, seed pods and bark texture.
Permission to play, and explore a medium we perhaps hadn’t tried before.


Manly Friday General 

Some days we come to class with so much going on in our lives that we wonder if we can spare the time. We might not always leave with a sketch we’re really happy to have photographed, but we always leave happy we made the effort. Thank you for all the laughs today ladies! Hope you all have a good week.


Manly Friday New Sketchers

We braved the cold, windy conditions to explore negative space, looking at the sky around buildings as a large puzzle piece to help us see angles. Then off down to Manly Pavilion to look at eye level, horizon line and one point perspective. Hot chocolate and coffee to warm up again before heading out to master a building in two point perspective. Well done everyone you are now well on your way to seeing the world now in shapes, edges, angles that go up and down. Who would have thought!


The Rocks Friday New Sketchers 

We spent a great morning. First discussing 1pt perspective.
We looked at the space we were in, as well as using photos. We discussed the lines above and below the horizon lines.
2pt perspective fitted into place very easily after our discussion.
We practised our thumbnail sketch and then ventured to the corner to sketch on location and use the thumbnail as a reference.
Returned to the “Tea Cosy” where a delicious platter of scones was devoured and we completed our watercolour.


Manly Saturday General

Our Saturday group was depleted this week because of this awful flu virus. Our small group collaborated  and inspired each other to step outside the comfort zone and be looser and more interpretive of our organic subject matter, with really lovely results.


Manly Saturday New Sketchers

We started with a sketch of some beautiful found objects left by the general class to warm up our hands eyes and minds. Then it was straight onto eye level perspective. We started with one point and looked at the road opposite. Learning to see direction in life as well as mechanically create the illusion in 2D. Then we romped onto 2 point, reproducing a diagram once more to help us understand the tricks of perspective. It was up the hill to Fairlight to study and draw the fire station before grabbing coffee and snacks to head back to the studio to work on our watercolour. Everyone was very pleased with with their perspective sketch .. so a morning well spent!

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