Term 3. Week 3. Boats and Water.

Welcome to week 3 of sketching (for some its week 2). We are in the middle of winter, and for some in Manly, it’s been sunny. Sketching by the bay has been spectacular. Take a look and see…


Manly General Tuesday

A great day to be enjoying views of Manly Cove filled with yachts just waiting to be sketched. To warm up and get to know our subject we filled pages with loose boat shapes, but these cheeky shapes keep moving, agh!
Later we created colour swatches, layering our water  colours, using chinagraph to create texture and sunlight. Bright seas and stormy colours. Then we were ready to sketch-away, explore how the colours mix on the page and how to use extra colour for shadows and reflections. Boats can be a challenging subject and I think you did really well.


The Rocks General Wednesday

We had a coffee and a warm up sketch, then headed outside to sketch the port authority vessels. Swatches and thumbnails. Shape sketching and line work, then we focused on a scene sketch applying all our new skills.


Blue Mountains General Thursday

It was in the single digits (temperature) and raining in The Mountains so we swapped this weeks class to Journalling and recipes. We spent our time in the cosy Blue Mountains studio where the wood fire and espresso machine kept us company. We talked about journalling, what to put in, what to leave out. Keeping a food journal, writing a family recipe book, or continuing with our integrated journal. How to avoid sketching food that looks like brown blobs, and the importance of sourcing props (ingredients). Raid your cupboards and fridges! Get the items out in front of you!  Turn the music on and enjoy your time sketching.


Manly General Thursday

Wow, a wonderful afternoon by the water and a great opportunity to sketch and take time to explore how we layer watercolour. Starting with washes of lighter colours first, we left areas of white page, before layering more colours. So many lovely combinations to try, and you did. We even had a creatively inspired seagull make a ‘mixed media’ contribution to a sketch. Quite an avant-garde class.
Well done everyone!


Manly General Thursday Evening

Tricky to teach water and reflections indoors on a rainy night but I decided to show two techniques for sketching boats on water. Quick pen and line work with a bit of colour and then watercolour only using a wash and then adding some detail once the wash dried. I thought the results were great, everyone just went for it. No fear.


Manly General Friday

We were inspired by each other’s styles to make loose expressive water and boat sketches. So many blues and greens in today’s harbour with frothy whites from the icy wind. A really focused and fun class.


Manly New Sketchers Friday

‘White tops & sides’ did I say that a few times today? Yes, and it works. I love the courage you show in jumping right in to sketch what’s in front of you. Wonderful. Layering your colours to create depth and interest. And did I mention how great your homework sketches were? 3 minutes sketching a day makes all the difference. Great work today everyone.


The Rocks New Sketchers Friday 

What a lovely morning, all the ladies were so enthusiastic about learning new ways to sketch. 1st practised layering colour with Lemons. Our next sketch was a  detailed table setting that was executed beautifully. We discussed the sketching of trees and practised some indoors. Tea and scones were enjoyed while discussing composition for the next lesson.

Next it was time to practice water brush, the colours popped from the page, another good tool for sketching on the move. Tea and scones were welcomed while we discussed drawing thumbnail sketches. We took a leisurely walk to the quay, and enthusiastically started sketching while soaking up the warmth of the sun. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week.

Manly General Saturday

Perfect winter’s day, crisp, clear and sunny for our reflections and boats this morning. We started with the dramatic colour changes under Manly Wharf and then moved to the subtle shadows of white boats and sails against water and sky. Beautiful work everyone. Happy snowboarding Rhonda!


Manly New Sketchers Saturday

After sketching in the studio and digesting the “rules” of landscape we haunted the shores of Manly Cove. First a sketch of the view, then a work with a Norfolk Island Pine in the foreground and view behind. Then it was off to the Wharf Bar to continue maritime influence and sketch our food and exotic drinks.


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