Term 3 Starts with a NEW Class.

Still life set-up. Mandarin with Tiny Green Leaves
Still life set-up. Mandarin with Tiny Green Leaves

I was so intrigued that among the mandarins I’d just arranged on the ‘Wedding Plate’ was one which still had two tiny green leaves attached. A sketch was an absolute must. I think it’s amazing they survived. One knows these don’t come straight off the tree outside. In fact they have a long journey and plenty of rough and tumble to get all the way to the store. And still with leaves. A first for me anyway.

But – I digress. Oh yes, about the NEW Class. Well I’ve had enquiries about a Studio Sketch Class. That means not being out and about as we do in our Travel Sketch Classes. In fact we could call those Sketchercise Classes sometimes.

This would be in the Studio and staying there. We’ll still have lots of variety in the still life setups and will cover all kinds of subjects – absolutely as we do anyway. We’ll sketch in pen and use watercolour pencils and watercolour for adding colour.

I’m planning on Tuesday mornings between 10am and 12 noon. 2 hrs of sketching, observing and enjoyment. If we not having fun then why not.

This will appeal to people who are less mobile than they’d like to be, or recovering and cannot get about much, or can only get a babysitter for a short time, but still want to sketch and enjoy themselves with their art. If this appeals to you, please enrol as soon as possible and we’ll hope to start on TUESDAY 24TH JULY.

Travel Sketching starts again on Thursday July 19, and Friday July 20.

Spread the SKETCH word.





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