Term 3 has begun!

Manly General Tuesday

It was great to see so many returning students and new faces in class today. The energy, enthusiasm and sense of fun was wonderful. Who would have thought that sketching portraits could be so entertaining. Given that we had Brett Whiteley and David Hockney as inspiration, our sketches were bound to be a bit on the wacky side. Well done everyone, you jumped right in and look at the results, expressive lines and colour, really creative!


The Rocks General Wednesday

Gorgeous sunny winters day. Good to have an old class member back! Lots of fun. Mirrors, self portraits, trying to be less precise and loosen up and take risks,  and lots of good service at Pier 8.


The Blue Mountains General Wednesday

A cold day in the Mountains, so we stayed put in the friendly Big beet cafe in Katoomba. We used our mirrors and phones to do self portraits. Brett Whiteley style. Anything goes, with lots of emotion and expression.


Manly General Thursday

Today we talked about being brave and letting go of ‘perfect’. We’re after an impression of a person. Which characteristic would we like to capture? How can we do that quickly? Continuous lines are great for character, chinagraph to help texture hair, dropping colour into the background to make people pop, some lettering or a logo. So many ways to embellish a portrait sketch. Well done everyone you’ve really improved your observation skills.



Manly Evening General Thursday

Our warm up blind contour self portraits and continuous line portraits were quirky and funny and adding watercolour made them pop. We went over to the basic proportions of the face front on and profile and sketched each other for practice. Adding shadows created depth and volume and made the faces more ‘solid looking’ A great start to term.


Manly General Friday

Attempting self portraits can be confronting, but doing them as blind contours frees us up to laugh at the results and appreciate the honesty which comes through.
In the studio warm up we looked for that particular “something” which captures an individual. On such a glorious day there were plenty of sketch subjects for us at The New Brighton and lunch was delicious.


Manly New Sketchers Friday

Welcome to our new Friday Sketchers. You arrived with enthusiasm and energy and you left with fab sketches, new sketch buddies and a new set of skills to sketch anything in your path. Your sketching journey has begun and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next week. Wonderful work everyone.


The Rocks New Sketchers Friday

In our 1st Sketchers class1 at the Tea Cosy in the Rocks, we covered using the pen correctly as well as holding the pencil to get the colour onto the page quickly. We made swatches of all the colours and learnt the names. Used layering the colours to get the most effect. There was a great dynamic with the class. Everybody ordered tea and scones and enjoyed sketching them before the scones were eaten. Looking forward to the  2nd Class at the Tea Cosy.


Manly General Saturday

Saturday’s class embraced the loose style that blind contour drawing brings. We started off with portraits and migrated down the hill to the Manly Saturday markets and sketched the roving people. Peter from the Salad Bowl was very enthusiastic and kept us supplied in refreshments. Such a fun class!


Manly New Sketchers Saturday

An excellent start with 5 keen individuals .. our hibiscus were begged borrowed and stolen .. ( not really stolen) to provide our initial work . We experimented with our pens , aquarelles and later water brushes .. and of course completed cup banana and apple using our basic 3 colours with excellent results. Coffee and chips at Belgrave cartel gave those of us who could stay the distance experience at cafe drawing under red light!


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