Term 2 Class Plan, 2018

“Permission to Steal”
– sketchbook artists we love

Approach as you would a book club, use books, printouts, discuss, look at techniques the artist uses, experiment in class then apply some of these techniques in your own sketches in location. Celebrate the works of other sketchbook artists to inspire our own creativity. Each week we have a subject and we will take inspiration from an artist, to look at something in a new way.

Each class starts with artist discussion:
What do you notice about their style? Use of medium, line, colour, level of detail, texture? what story are they telling? How long do you think it took to finish the sketch? How is their style different to your own? What do you like and not like about their approach?

Invite the students to sketch the subject of the week using some or all of the elements discussed.

Finally at the end of class:
Discuss the resulting sketches. What do you notice? Were there challenges for you? What have you learnt? What would you ‘steal’?

Week 1:  Felix Scheinberger

What are we stealing?: Felix’s confidence in using loose line and colour, embracing imperfection. Faces with character, splash of watercolour, fun faces, exaggerate characteristics, take the fear out of perfect portraits.

What are students learning?: Exaggerating faces and expressions

Subject: People, individual or small group

– Artist discussion
– Tutor demo
– Warm up: sketch each other, have a laugh

On location:
– Sketch individuals or small groups who are not rushing around rather doing quiet actives e.g. reading, chatting, having coffee
– Observe their expressions
– Invite students to experiment with Felix style faces & expression

Pen & watercolour
Manly Cafe: Girdlers Cafe
Artist link: http://felixscheinberger.de/

Week 2: Tommy Kane

What are we stealing?: Tommy’s power of observation to see detail and use of aquarelle to achieve texture. Buildings with character. It’s all in the detail. Observation, detail & texture.

What are students learning?: Details & texture

Subject: Buildings with character

– Artist discussion
– Tutor demo
– Warm up: practice aquarelle textures

On location:
– Thumbnail for page planning
– Sketch a local house/building
– Sketch a detail, practice observation, practice texture using the way Tommy’s techniques

Materials: Pen & aquarelle
Manly: TBD
Artist link: http://tommykaneillustration.com/

Week 3: David Gentleman

What are we stealing?: Simple aquarelle line and limited colour. Fast simplified vistas.

What are students learning?: Leading the eye into a composition

Subject: Vistas with a path/lane which leads you through

– Artist discussion
– Tutor demo
– Warm up: copy a David Gentleman image fast as you can, note the use of uprights (lamp post, signposts, trees & how they frame), note use of minimal colour

— Thumbnail for page planning
– Sketch a vista where you have a pathway though a park or laneway etc.
– Practice David’s minimal colour and composition

Materials: Pen, aquarelle and water colour
Manly Cafe:  Manly Wharf Hotel
Artist link: http://www.davidgentleman.com/

Week 4: Danny Gregory

What are we stealing?: Bold colour, wonky lines, text and headings as design elements to embellish a page, easy journalling techniques.

What are students learning?: Create a journal page of an experience

Subject: Type, text and journalling

– Artist discussion
– Tutor demo
– Warm up: Studio ‘tea party’! Invite students to BYO teapots, antique teaspoons, etc.
Simple bold line sketch of what’s on the table and practice different types of lettering and wording. Add bold colour.

– Sketch food and table settings in a journalistic ‘Danny’ style.
– Write notes directly on your sketch about what you thought at the time

Materials: Pen & watercolour (or choose soluble inks pens Staedler brand)
Manly Cafe: TBD
Artist link: https://www.dannygregory.com/

Week 5: Veronica Lawlor

What are we stealing?: Use of mixed mediums and colour to add energy: Coloured pens, crayons, fast crowds.

What are students learning?:
 Composition – pulling a large number of elements together to make one story

Subject: Fast People in crowds

– Artist discussion
– Tutor demo
– Warm up: Looking at Veronica as a reference, create a quick street scene with a center focus. Then apply selective bold colour to create a focus.

– Thumbnail for page planning
– Sketch a busy crowd in a bustling location like a market, shops etc look for a centre focus to anchor the elements
– Apply colour in a ‘Veronica’ selective style

Materials: Coloured pens, crayons, colour blocking of shapes
Manly Cafe: TBD
Artist link: 

Week 6: Juliana Coles

What are we stealing?: Freedom to embellish, cover up, reveal and see our pages evolve without an end result in mind. Layering, collage, mixed media.

What are students learning?:
 Mixed media technique

Subject: Portraits & possessions

– Artist discussion
– Tutor demo
– Warm up: Play with ways to combine pencil, watercolour with collage, text and layering. Creative play, no predetermined outcome.
– Main sketch: Create a portrait or self portrait using materials you’ve asked the students to bring in – a quote/word, magazines, stamps, treasures and pics of items which reflect themselves.

No location.

Materials: Watercolor & aquarelle
Manly cafe: TBD
Artist link: http://www.julianacolesart.com/

Week 7: Jane LaFazio

What are we stealing?: Great ideas for page layouts, looking at how to simplify and stylize shapes in nature. Nature Journal page.

What are students learning?: Vignettes & stylised shapes

Subject: Botanics and Nature

– Artist discussion
– Tutor demo
– Warm up: Contour sketch of nature objects like flowers, seeds, objects from nature.

– Take a collection of nature objects and sketch individual elements across a double page
– Play with patterns, type, coloured panels as part of the sketch

(Depending on location you could wander through a park or forest, collecting found items of nature, and take them to a cafe to sketch.)

Materials: Pen, Watercolor & aquarelle
Manly Cafe: Harry Hartog
Artist link: http://janelafazio.com/category/sketchbook/

Week 8: Koosje Koene

What are we stealing?: Hatching techniques and colour highlights. Dark backgrounds to tie disparate sketches.

What are students learning?: Hatching & tone

Subject: Cafe life

– Artist discussion
– Tutor demo
– Warm up: practise hatching technique in one colour on toned paper (something on the table), add selective colour highlights if they want

– Sketch cafe scene or objects using hatching for tone and contrast. For objects sketches try a dark ‘Koosje’ style background to link elements.
– Play with applying selective colour

Materials: Toned paper, pen, aquarelle, Posca pen or white gel pens.
Manly cafe: TBD
Artist link: http://koosjekoene.com/

Week 9: Marina Grechanik

What are we stealing?: Wide angle and cropped images, options for composition, landscape or portrait.

What are students learning?: Composition and loose lines

Subject: Water scene

– Artist discussion
– Tutor demo
– Warm up: Sketch Hibiscus with ballpoint pens (maybe even with left hand). Apply selective colour (if needed) highlighting main elements.

– Sketch wide angle scene with water, choose a part that could be a focus and add details

Materials: Ballpoint pens
Manly Cafe: TBD
Artist link: https://www.pinterest.com.au/guillermobarcelo/marina-grechanik/

Week 10: Margaret Olley

What are we stealing?: Traditional sketching & muted washes.

What are students learning?: Watercolour layering

Subject: Still life & architecture

– Artist discussion
– Tutor demo
– Warm up: Old fashioned still life (á la Margaret Olley) – flowers, vase, fruit, fabric. Traditional/thoughtful sketching (not impressions), build colour with watercolour washes in muted tones.

– Sketch traditional buildings/ houses of your area, with gates, fences and tress, shrubbery treated as a watercolour painting.
– Finely sketched first
– Again build up with muted colour, looking for light and shade

Materials: Pen & Watercolour
Manly Cafe: TBD
Artists Link: