Term 1 class plan 2018

Week 1: A Slice of Manly, Laneway Views Rialto Lane

Technique: look at the main shapes that make up the lane way view: the ground, the sky, the walls of the buildings. Sketch these main shapes and block in each shape with a color to really observe the key shapes and negative space. What edges and shapes emerge? Simple puzzle pieces, where is your eye level? perspective, limited palette

Cafe: Sketch Cafe Rialto Lane

Week 2: St Patrick’s Estate

Technique: Texture, techniques for bricks, cement render, and sandstone. Work up samples swatches for each

1. China graph then watercolor
2. Colour washes, when dry, add aquarelle
3. Aquarelle then water wash
4. Colour wash then splatter paint
Share ideas

Cafe: Sketch interesting details of the architecture from st Patrick’s
College Cafe

Week 3: Lagoon life Narrabeen Lake, ducks, gestural line with attitude.

1. Fast shapes, restated lines. Color washes
2. Colour washes then pen for detail
Sketch the vista

Cafe: Cafe H20

Week 4: Collaborative Sketching Steyne Hotel sketching people in context

Technique: A4 size sketch books, work in pairs to sketch ‘people in the pub/cafe’ on the same page, 10 minute sketches, loose lines, let go of control and perfection. When you each have a collaborative sketch in your book, add color to your own sketch

Week 5: Manly Lagoon

Technique: Toned brown paper, ink, chinagraph & gauche. Loose pen lines, dark pen or brush pen for darks (shadows, windows), China graph or white pen for highlights & whites. Blue gouache for sky. Add heading or text to give a journaling effect

Week 6: Animals Harry Hartog Booksellers

Technique: Choose children’s books to observe how illustrators use different techniques to depict fur, hair and all things woolly. Work up sample swatches and then sketch some favorite animals.

Week 7: One Tree 3 techniques, Bower Street Fig Tree

1. Watercolor only, wet on wet
2. Mark making, short marks rather than long lines, 5 different pens for variations of effects
3. Twig & ink then watercolor
4. Non dominant hand sketching

Cafe: The Boathouse Cafe

Week 8: Manly Corso Facades

Technique: First floor Buildings, roof lines, gables continuous line, then add detail where necessary & colour wash for vibrancy and energy

Cafe: New Brighton hotel or Cafe Hemingway

Week 9: Trucks, Tractors & Heavy Machinery

Cement mixers Brookvale

Technique: Capture complex machinery by using a tangle of continuous line, loose colour. Think Felix Scheinberger

Cafe: Garage Door Cafe

Week 10: The Newport