Temples of Exquisite Food

The Salon. Laduree, Paris
The Salon. Laduree, Paris ( Sketch & Watercolour)
The Cafe, Bathers' Pavilion Sydney
The Cafe, Bathers' Pavilion Sydney (Sketch & watercolour pencil)

Part of the pleasure of eating beautiful food, is the surrounds you are in.

Atmosphere is a large part of setting of the scene. The colour. The decor.  The table setting. The sounds. The feeling. The mood . The greeting. The view. The aroma. The anticipation. The menu. People arriving.

I like being at a table and silently observing what’s going on. Seeing people arrive. Being seated. Their response. How they relate. How they respond when their food arrives.

It’s great being a sketcher. All these things are happening before your eyes, adding to your own experience.

Both these sketches were done while waiting. One in a classic French setting on Champ Elysees, Paris. The other in a stylish beachside cafe in Sydney. Both bring on a sense of anticipation when entering.

It’s so nice to take the time to put some of this on paper. By the time the food arrives I’ve made a little memory of some very special moments.



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