Sydney 41ºc

Sydney 41º c
Sydney 41º c
Ice creams at the Fountain
Ice creams at the Fountain

To be honest, the day I did the Hyde Park sketches it was only 35º. I thought that was pretty hot to be out sketching, but let me tell you, this is another level. The idea of being back in the Summer Kitchen in Trausse-Minervois has a certain appeal right now. But I have to settle for being inside where it’s a fraction cooler. Thank you to the inventor of aircon.

However, being in the city is nothing compared to the inland regions. All creatures great & small will be suffering hugely. I see birds who are brave enough to be out, sitting with their beaks wide open. I have put a bucket of water on the grass, in the hope some may find it. That is now hot water. Good for a cuppa tea.

The trick is to close the doors, windows and curtains against the heat. This maintains whatever cool you may have, and you hope for the southerly buster at the end of the day when relief may come. 6pm and no sign of it yet. If not, you are in for a very uncomfortable night – if you can sleep you are lucky.

I have spent a big part of the day inside. Many people with boats are moored out on the harbour and the families are jumping in and out of the water. Others are wandering along to the beach to swim. It’s not a day to go for a run – but there are always people who will!!!

It’s almost too hot to mention the mixed media works I’ve begun. I popped into the studio this morning to add another layer of paper towel pieces, to get more texture into the one I started yesterday. It’s then painted over with acrylic medium. I started with gel transfers of my sketches. It is so exciting and will soon show you the progress shots. I think I’m on another journey. Thank you Google. All there to be discovered. Free.


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  • I thought of you today in the heat. Good to here you kept cool. No air-con here but I did close everything as soon as I felt the westerly. The breeze is cool now thank goodness. Mixed media sounds exciting & interesting.

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