Sunset Sketching. Bits&Bobs & Sugar Lounge

Wed Sunset 1


Tonight’s class of four enthusiastically got settled for our second ‘Sunset Sketching’ evening together, with me Christy. Our theme was “3rd drawer down”, which are the bits and bobs you’d probably find in your 3rd drawer down of the dresser! So, with a glue stick, measuring tape, light bulb and other interesting objects, we got busy measuring and talking about how to compose our first sketch of the evening.

Everyone got off to a great start, and rather quickly there were really delightful compositions taking form. Once sketching in the tall glue stick, which is where we all decided was a good place to start the sketch, everything else fitted in relation to this piece like a puzzle. Once completed, one sketcher remarked how ‘it wasn’t as scary as first thought when looking at the whole lot collectively’. In sketching there is always a starting point and once that’s sketched in, everything else will fall in around it.

Colour application was done beautifully as everyone got used to using their colour pencils, side on, for good shading and feathering.

Wed Sunset 2

Once we were all sorted we headed down to the Corso, with the idea of heading to the Sugar Lounge. We’d originally planned on the Belgrave Cartel, however they had a band taking up our usual spot in the back and with space and lighting lacking…we headed for something more suitable. And what a delight it was getting settled at the Sugar Lounge, a lovely relaxed beachfront restaurant.

Wed Sunset 3

We mentioned on arrival that we were sketchers and before long they had hustled us to a cozy corner in the rear, with a large table nestled next to a fireplace. They upped the lighting so we could see what we were doing and truly made us feel rather special and very welcome! When we head out for our sketching, you’ll never know what will become your subject of your sketch. Sometimes it’s your coffee cup, food on the platter, people around you…and on this occasion it was the fireplace and surrounding plants and candles. As in life, when travel sketching, you get to carry away the ‘feeling’ of your day in your sketch, and this particular evening was relaxed, with glass of wine to accompany the delicious pizza, we all mellowed into our sketches with subtle hues and warm colours for the intense licking of the flames in the fireplace.

Our last part of the evening was spent marveling at each-others sketches and giving hearty compliments, which were all very warranted. ‘Well done’ ladies, your sketching is progressing beautifully.

Wed Sunset 4

This is Erin here. I must congratulate you all on marvellous sketches, both in the Studio and at Sugar Lounge. I knew the still life would give you a fright, but you did so well honing up those observation skills thanks to Christy.



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