Sunset Christmas Card Sketching

DSC04104 - Version 2 DSC04109 - Version 2WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 27 ’13

It was almost as though our end of term had come a week early during our sunset sketching this time!

There was a celebratory feel in the air tonight with Erin leaving us some lovely wine and nibbles, seeing as we were not going out to a restaurant as usual.

Knowing we would be well watered and fed, we settled in and spent the evening in the studio.

Large glasses of white wine were poured, upbeat music played and soon enough, the day was well and truly left behind and everyone was well into “being in the moment” doing their sketches.

With the freedom to choose ornaments from each table, it gave sketchers the opportunity to get to know each object, be it a reindeer, a Christmas stocking, Santa, tree or even one of the images printed onto the paper plates we were eating from!

We worked straight onto some beautiful card stock Xmas cards, inside the little window cut out for our work. And while some of the images sprawled a little outside of this space (which really didn’t matter) one student managed to get 3 soldiers in one little square!

Lots of little things to remember tonight… a gentle reminder to leave a bit of white around the edges of the objects even when working small and to get used to adding the sitting down line…or as one student said: “one day I’ll get my bottoms right!”

A NOT so gentle “What, you’re using PENCIL???”

Hmmm, I’m curious to know how “Yes you can use pencil, but just four dots to mark out where your square is” turned into “You can draw the whole sketch in pencil?!?”

While this may sound harsh, we are actually trying to help you get rid of feeling something has to be “perfect” because, lets face it, what is ‘perfect’ anyway?

Our sketches are “perfect” in their “imperfection” …and it’s ok if lines are a little wonky, or proportions aren’t spot on…it is the fact that these sketches are handmade that makes them so special.

Well as this self confessed naughty student said, “I probably wont be getting any presents this year when Santa hears about this!! ”

” Never mind Santa, what about Erin?!? 😉

We played with adding colours onto existing wet paint, with some gentle but firm reminders to  “Move – a- way – from- the – sketch”  so that things didn’t become overworked and colours didn’t become muddy.

Tonight’s little sketches really had character, we had a tipsy snowman trudging along, an elegant flying reindeer, a whimsical angel, a happy Xmas tree, cheeky soldiers…and one little Santa who was deemed “vertically challenged” in order to fit into the square widow of the card.

Another wonderful night and what a lovely feeling to be able to spread the joy of our sketching experience by giving others  these special handmade cards.

©VivianneHazenveld for ErinHill 2013

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