Sunday Workshop


Next Sunday Workshop – September 24 ’17

A little while ago now – July 30 –  we held a Sunday Workshop. Students gathered in the Manly studio for their very first time attempting travel sketching. Waiting on the tables for them was their new sketch kit, and then introductions were made and cups of tea brewed.

First lesson was all about how to use our new sketch kit. How to hold the pen, how we use the aquarelles, where does our sketchbook go, and our eyes? Are we moving our head around/are we hunched over….or are we holding our book up and our pen up and sketching what we see? Learning the basics right from the beginning will make our sketching journey that much more enjoyable.

After some practice and swatch making we turned our attention to sketching the hibiscus. Focusing on the largest shape first, then adding further shapes as if doing a jigsaw puzzle. No need to be too worried about getting perfect lines, in fact wibbly wobbly actually makes a better sketch! Have a look at the gorgeous sketches! Pretty good for first timers don’t you think?


Next it was time to get moving. We headed out to the hidden gardens across from the studio. Diverse foliage, and plenty of inspiration. I gave a demonstration on the simplest way to sketch a tree, and reminded everyone that when we travel, the foliage will always change, and often it is what sets an area apart from another. Gum trees or pine trees? Often you can guess where you are by the way the trees are sketched. One tree in aquarelle, and one tree in watercolour. Focusing on the unique formula we teach at Erin Hill Sketching, and learning how we colour drop and layer to make browns and greens.




Next we headed to lunch, where we refreshed ourselves and the students learnt all about simple perspective and how to draw a grid using the eye level vanishing points. The Manly Market was on, and the Corso was extremely busy, so we ended up heading a bit further north and sketched a building for the first time. Learning all about perspective as well as applying colour. We really covered so much in the workshop. Well done to everyone who participated.




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