Sunday Sketching. Manly Arts Festival. Sept 23 ’12

Flowers and Ships
Flowers and Ships

Today was such a sunny hot day we really thought Summer was here.

When people arrived they could choose any of 3 setups which appealed. It worked well, and each 2 people worked on the one in front of them, but could hear the instructions which apply to all the still life displays.

Before long pens were flying and as confidence rose, lines were forming very recognisable sketches.

Then a demo using watercolour pencils and the waterbrush. Very soon every sketch was done and coloured. All a delight and their very own version of what they were seeing.

Next an excursion to Ivanhoe Botanic Park. A little piece of serenity amidst the traffic. All you hear is birdsong. It’s wonderful.

Ivanhoe Botanic Gardens
Ivanhoe Botanic Gardens

We were doing steps and pathways, flowering borders and stone walls. You’ll often run into these things when sketching outdoors, so it’s good to have a little practice under your belt for when you do.

Sketches were taking place quickly now and we were onto colour in no time. This is travel sketching. You work to the time you have available and get the essence down. If you don’t have time for colour – take a memory snapshot and do it later.

Hunger was setting in so our next venue was Foundry 53 not far from where we were. Coffees were ordered, lunch for others and more sketches were started. Here is where you can look around and see what makes this place the way it is. That’s what you’re looking for. Your sketch will capture that. The red drinking beakers, the coffee in it’s fat little cup, the sugar, the table lamp and so on. It’s what you see that makes it yours.

A good day was had and some happy sketchers were off to enjoy the rest of their day.

One more next Sunday. More fun.

A few of our Sketchers
A few of our Sketchers


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