Sunday Sketching during the Manly Arts Festival

Sketching the Surfboard Chalk Artists
Sketching the Surfboard Chalk Artists
Sketching in the Studio
Sketching in the Studio

Discovered that dynamo girl, Angela van Boxtel, had been promoting more Festival events in the local paper – and lo and behold, they’d done a fab article on my Sunday Sketching sessions, along with hers on Surfboard decorating.

They’d shown one of my sketches ( above top ), done while watching the locals get their courage up and have a go at sketching on Angela’s surfboard display – she sets up rescued surfboards for people to decorate. This encourages folks to think about using the idea for funky home decor. She’s a recycle fanatic.

The last of 3 Sketch sessions is on this Sunday. So this will let even more people know they can come along and try it. Because we sketch outside, it doesn’t matter how many artists there are. We start in the Studio, just to get people focussed and get the pen paper and the head space working.

The 2nd pic above is one of the Sunday groups during the first 10 minutes. Absolute silence. Total concentration. Everybody produced a still life of the set-up to be proud of among the many they produced that day.

Sketching is extremely satisfying. You can narrow down the subject just to the essential elements. If you choose to sketch the door or gateway to a home, you will get the character of the whole style, in those details.

Out of the enthusiasm has come the idea of a more regular Sketch class.

So it is with great pleasure I announce the first 10 week ‘The Art of Sketching’ course.

Get in touch for all the details. Places are limited so be quick.


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