Sunday Sept 30 Sketching. Manly Arts Festival

First Still Life Sketch
First Still Life Sketch
Flowers completed after previous photo
Flowers completed after previous photo

Another amazing day. Blue skies and the feel of a hot summer to come.

A lovely keen group for the final of our 3 Manly Arts Festival Sunday Sketches.

People with a little experience had three mannequins in different poses to work on.  Those who had no previous sketching that they could recall, had the daises and lavender or the Endeavour.

Once everyone was settled and observing their still life setup, came instructions on how to visually measure the height and width of the what you were looking at.

Without some idea of it’s height and width, it’s pretty hard to position a sketch where you want it on your page.

Soon pens were working away at getting the first lines down. Then like putting a jigsaw together, finding what slots in next and so on.

With a bit of colour we were done. All the works were so different but nailed the subject.

Sunday Sketchers. Sept 30 '12
Sunday Sketchers. Sept 30 ’12
Manly Cove Sketches
Manly Cove Sketches

Down by the beach at Manly Cove, some sketched the Manly Ferry before it departed, some did one of the sketchers sitting on the wall’s edge, and some the shark net and beyond.

Most people are mastering the use of layering with the watercolour pencils by now.

So by the time we were at Manly Cove Cafe for lunch, there were some fun sketches being polished up and all very successful in each person’s own individual style.

Great work everybody. I feel very proud of you all.







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