2 Sunday Sketches with Watercolour

What do you see from your bedroom?

Sunday Morning

I opened the curtains this morning, quite early on a beautiful day as the sun was rising behind the umbrella, and the box hedges behind.  I could hear just the sounds of the day waking up. Suddenly I wanted to draw this little snippet of a view, even though I was still in bed.

Right then. Before anything got in the way I was off to get my sketch book and the teeny paint set I keep in my handbag, made my cup of tea, and got a small glass of water – the last two to sit on the bedside table – and hopefully not drink the wrong one.

I don’t normally get a chance to paint in bed, but I should explain. Milton is away on business so I’ve got a couple of delicious days indulging myself. Not that I don’t anyway!!! I could have got him to hold the water jar while he dozed, had he been here.

It was after a few meditative moments that I began to draw. Starting with the umbrella and working down, hoping to quickly get the proportions right. We have our outdoor table next to the old rock wall, and the sun was just brightening up the edge of the table, and the back of the bright pink pots along the wall. I scribbled down the sounds I could hear, to keep me in the moment.

Now later in the day the sounds are more intent. More a general buzz, unlike the clear little sounds of first thing. And yes, I have corrected the date.

Queen Mary2 & Manly Ferry

Had to grab my sketch gear fast when happened to look to the horizon and see the biggest ship ever to come to Sydney.

It was unbelievable. I mean we get cruise ships all the time and I give them a glance, but none of them pass the horizon line like this one.

Then the Manly ferry was coming into view – usually the biggest ship around. Not today. Queen Mary 2 reigns.


2 Responses

  • What a lovely description; for a moment I was there – the sketch and sounds. And then I thought (and I hope this isn’t spooky Erin), maybe I can see where your gallery is on Google maps, and there it is, right down to the table with the chairs! What a beautiful location. I do admire your wash and pen technique. I presume wash first and then pen after it has dried. Have you heard of David Gentleman? He has published several books in the same style of painting, of UK travel themes. Really good and sold very well in the UK. Maybe you could do the same of NSW?

  • Hi Noel, You really are so very encouraging. I checked out Google maps too, and it looks like winter time because the shadows are so strong. Our garden is where the round bushes are, but all that was in shadow. It’s a fab spot and we adore being on the water like this.
    No actually, I’d done a fast sketch and then run the washes over. The one where I started with wash and finished with lines was ‘Sunrise’. Hadn’t done that before.
    I have seen some work by David Gentleman and I think he is terrific. Oh that I could ever do anything similar. But hey it’s a great idea,

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