Summer Sketching. Sand & Scones

Tuesday December 27 & Thursday December 29 ’16
Some of us met at Manly Cove on Tuesday to catch up after our Christmas day outings, have a lot of laughs and oh yes, to sketch. Today we’d be using elements of the view in front of us, and placing them where we wanted. Using imagination to create the scene as we wished rather than as it looks in real life. Getting the essence in other words. It’s a fun exercise. Takes a bit of planning but our results were terrific and each totally different.
On Thursday the day promised temperatures in the high 30’s – and it was. The city was incredibly busy with all the pre New Year’s Eve prep going on, plus those cruise ships which are loading and unloading thousands of passengers onto Circular Quay. Riveting stuff. Great people sketching. But no we were off to cool calm and collected –  The Tea Cosy cafe for our mornings sketch. How nice and breezy it was inside the front room in this old terrace house. Today we’d sketch in watercolour pencil only. Any 3 colours in fact. Our still life was the cute koala knitted tea cosy. This was quite interesting for our sketchers, who automatically pick up a black pen. Not today. But before long we had light, dark and dimension using our tricks with this medium. We had our tea and  gorgeous scones with Doris Day crooning in the background. We love the whole quirky place. Next sketch, a quick black pen of the pretty teacups. 3 colours again. How lovely the work looked. Creativity and imagination. Until next week, next year, Happy New Year.
Till next week. Happy New Year one and all.

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