Summer Cafe Sketching. Dec 16 ’14

Tuesday December 16 ’14

Welcome to the first of our ‘Come if you can’ Summer Cafe Sketching classes.

Bella Vista Cafe and Gallery is our ‘Studio’ for these classes and of course, an excellent coffee is right there to kick start you. And breakfast too for one sketcher.

We put a couple of tables together on the balcony with everyone able to see the view across to South head. This was to be our subject for the day, along with how to get life into the colour with our watercolour pencils. This is a great chance to concentrate on some of the techniques we use in ourTravel Sketching, one class at a time.

I did a ‘how to start’ demo – which people often find a challenge, so I set the bush as a frame for the distant view. Because I was back onto the view, it meant I couldn’t get too detailed. Just take a look and put it down as I wanted.

Then I made a patch of 7 colours I’d be using to get every colour I’d want into my scene. One at a time I could build up the foreground, getting intensity behind the white edges we leave, and bringing our eye through to the distant headland.

Then it was time for doing your own. Looking out beyond, working out the placement on your page, and adding as much colour as you wanted. Make it your own impression of what is there.

One sketcher was working in watercolour, on a perspective sketch she was keen to complete. Dropping in pure colour and adding more to bring it to life.

Everyone was delighted with the morning and felt they’d gained a little more knowledge where it was needed.

More next Tuesday – 10am – 12noon.



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