Such a Good Day

The Glazed ham is ready
The Glazed ham is ready

Milton stayed up late the night before to prepare his ‘special’ glaze for the ham. Then it was into the oven for a slow bake to goldenise the whole thing. We had heaps to do before everyone would arrive for a late lunch, but I sat down in the middle of everything to do a sketch anyway.

About to set the pudding aflame
About to set the pudding aflame

Luckily Joanna ( back briefly from Glasgow) had worked out a plan of what everyone would be doing to get this Christmas Day lunch organised without any of the usual stress. And it worked. We knew exactly what ingredients to buy, what bowls or dishes they’d be served in etc

It went so well. Except the weather! This was supposed to an outdoor event with everyone dining under the big market umbrellas gazing over the calm blue waters beyond.

We awoke to grey skies and rain. Noooooooooo. Plan B then. Set everything up inside with all dishes to be placed on the side units so each person could help themselves.

We had an amazing day. Champagne cocktails to start made by our barista nephew. Then  nibbles and gazpacho to get the appetites tweeked.

The magnificent turkey and ham were then set on the serving table along with other vegetables and the stuffing served separately as I prefer.

Dessert followed after quite a time with several selections plus Milton’s famous trifle. The Christmas pudding was decorated with drenched orange slices which had candied. The flame set off the caramelised taste to perfection.

Of course as evening drew near it was coffee time with a little taste of chocolate and Karla’s special layered chocolate log.

Later in the evening after all had departed we took a walk along the waterfront to burn off some of the day’s intake. It was lovely to sit down then and relax, read our new books, exchange messages with friends overseas and chat to our dear family members who were elsewhere in the world.

The weather made no difference. We simply enjoyed a day of being with family wherever they were.


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