Studio Drawings

Studio storage corner
Studio storage corner
Studio- St Vinnies chairs
Studio- St Vinnies chairs

Today was a Studio day. Sunny and bright and I was keen to do some more on my first acrylic in the style I did of Twin Bridges at Cosi Ponte in Italy. But I’ll show you those next time.

I did some little sketches of the new bench with under shelving, plus all the stuff on it and in it. Actually not putting shelves up above the bench on the wall now. I have enough room below. So that is where the pin board is going. It’s propped up on paint pots until my handy husband arrives with his trusty power drill to save the day. It’s really a cork board but by the time I’d slathered it in leftover wall paint, it was brown no more. It’s a good corner as it’s on an angle across the back and the bench had to fit the space between the tub ( just visible on the left ) and stop before the next corner. My drawing isn’t too accurate there, but you get the idea.

The 2 chairs I picked up from St Vincent de Paul’s. Perfect. $2 each. Wow. I might get a more interesting table if one happens to show up. This is right next to the fridge and a nice spot to have coffee with people who drop in. The wall above is stacked with paintings.

I must say I had the best day. I have my Art Books on the shelves and decided that between acrylic layers drying, I would have coffee and look at the big book by Peter McIntyre which was the very first book which inspired me to put paint on paper. The inscription was dated 1964 and given to me by my then boyfriend. In fact it’s turned out to be true, I have gone away from my country of birth but this New Zealand painter can really take me back.

It was so nice to have the time and place to go through it slowly and look at his oils and drawings. This man can draw. Really draw. And I then did one of my own like he might have done. ( His would be superb of course. )

He hardly seems to take the pen off the paper and uses every line as part of the work. Uses lots of dark scribbly areas and contrast which I don’t seem to but would like to. I think he’s using pen and Indian Ink. I think the lines look like that rather than a pen.

He was born in 1910, so is not with us now, but was New Zealand’s foremost artist for years. He can paint anything, people, horses, sheep, cows, Maori families –  without too much detail and you just know what it is. His drawings on the other hand have a lot of lines and shape but again tell the story by what he doesn’t draw. The less is more technique. It was just such a thrill looking at this loved book which has been put away for years and finally the few Art books I have, have a home. I don’t buy books for myself,  only if it will be a source of inspiration to me. Many of the Art books are glorious, but I resist.

Enough for now. I’m waxing lyrical, so will leave you and show the progress of the Acrylic next, and oh yes I will tell you how I’ve turned the Antique buttoned velvet chair in to a canvas!!!


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  • Gee, that handyman really needs to get a move on! Glad you had a great day. You are getting such a buzz out of that studio.

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