Softer colours of rural France

Irises and Country France
Irises and Country France
Soft light of Chelieu
Soft light of Chelieu

We leave after an amazing week here in rural France. We were from Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and USA.

I have taken so much learning from last week in Barga and it is beginning to show in my new works. With each one, I do one or two soft layers of thin watercolour, and leave it to dry in the sun while I do my charcoal pencil ‘plan’ on my sketch pad. The somehow when I begin to paint, something is already dictating the way the painting will go. I just follow on behind and love whats happening.

Off to Paris – again- (oh no!!!) to meet my lovely husband who has finally organised things to have this rendevous with moi.

Will see what I paint there after all the wonderful freeing up I have experienced.


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  • Hi ERin, I’m amazed by all the wonderful things you have painted and posted here! I can see that this trip has brought it’s creative fruits to you:) Wonderful! Take care, Andrea

  • This one is very nice. I tend to prefer your watercolour and pen drawings but I think that is because you are well established in that way of doing things, and I can see you are moving out into a new direction here. Pushing new boundaries and making new discoveries is what it’s about. Have a nice weekend in Paris.

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