Soft Edges and Muted Colour

From the Pathway
From the Pathway

I was approached recently by a local school who had a novel fundraising idea. As many local artists as possible were approached to see if they would paint, write, scribble, decorate  a 12inch canvas. Well they supplied the canvas and a big padded bag to return it to them so how could I not.

No signature or clue as to who had created the work would be visible when all the paintings hang on the night of the Art Show Opening. The organisers have cleverly given each canvas a code, which matches the form I will send back with the painting so they know who’s is who’s.

I believe the paintings will be auctioned and the going price is expected to be very reasonable.

So with this in mind I chose to do a tiny version of a theme I have begun lately, and getting very positive feedback on. Based on the acrylic layering I learned in Italy, I use very thin colour to start and do at least 4 or 5 layers covering the whole thing and the edges. This builds a lovely muted base to start the painting on. No whites, just soft colours worked in and the edges almost disappearing. I’m very fond of this group of rocks down below the pathway where I walk Amelie every day. I always look down to see what the tide is doing and how the colours change with the light.

I actually felt very happy with this little work and have a big canvas gessoed and ready to do a biggie of it. I might do some more like this though. Kind of cute. If you can call a painting cute!


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