Once a month we meet for Sketch&Lunch. This past month we met in Sydneys Eastwood for a walking tour, tasting tour and sketching tour of Korean food. After introductions, we headed up the street on the busiest side of the rail line. This is traditionally where all the shops where, and over time so many of them now have become the most amazing asian food retailers. We focused on Korean food, so had only a quick look at the divine BBQ duck shops. 3 of them in the one tiny area, and all had queues! The seafood shops are the freshest Ive seen for a long time, and the variety and turn over of the produce was astounding. We headed into a large asian grocery store, where I pointed out some key products of Korean cooking. This was the time to purchase those hard to find items that you’ve wanted for your next Korean dinner party. Rice cakes, dark roasted sesame seeds and oil, sweet potato noodles, daikon, kimchi, gochujang, crispy roasted seaweed. All so delicious when you know what to do with them. We stopped for a few sketches along the way. One in the grocery shop, and one outside the open air fresh produce shop.




It was now time for a little brunch snack. Topokki. A popular Korean street food. It is spicy with “rice cakes” (a thick chewy rice stick), with kimchi, and fish cakes all mixed together in a warming comfort food kind of way. Whilst we tasted we sketched, of course! Look at some of these lovely sketches.



Now it was time to head to the other side of Eastwood. Ive been told its the “Korean” side.  Its also the quieter side. A fabulous “side dishes” store was a must visit. Here we stocked up on plenty of side dishes, that Korean food is so famous for. Most Korean meals are always served with at least 5-8 side dishes. At this store we bought up big. Radish kimchi, garlic pickles, sticky lotus root, hot chilli pickles, fishcakes, marinated crabs, and sticky rice. YUM!

Next we headed for lunch. A cute little Korean handmade dumpling shop inside an arcade, but decorated with plenty of wood panelling and the odd hanging dried fish to make everything feel authentic. We feasted on kimchi, kimchi dumplings, clam soup and chicken soup.


It was time to go home, but we all felt like a little hot beverage to takes us out. I had just the place. A wonderful Korean cafe. My favourite in the area. Unfortunately they were renovating out the back, so we were almost sitting in a building site. Talk about cultural immersion. It was us and the builders, doing coffee together! We consumed Korean delights, such as Citrus tea, Sweet potato latte, and snacked on red bean buns and cinnamon yam bean scrolls for dessert. What a fabulous Korean day we had.


Next Sketch&Lunch will be in Burwood. We are focusing on regional Chinese cuisine. We all know cantonese cuisine, but let me show you a snippet of the immense diversity of Chinese food. A most satisfying and delicious day is planned. You can see more  info here 

Bookings for Sketch&Lunch-Regional Chinese on Monday 28th August 2017 10:30-1:30 can be made by emailing Anna at

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