Sketching Workshop at Meld

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What! you don’t know who Meld are?

It’s where you take your business large or small if you’d like to redesign your customer experience.

However on Friday afternoons they like to have some interesting, interactive experiences of their own. So that’s where where I came in.

They’d like to learn to sketch.  So who do ya call?  Absolutely. You got it in one.

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Late afternoon and luckily Joanna met me in the street and lead me through to the open plan office where we could sit around a couple of big tables.

Everyone had just one sheet of drawing paper, a black pen, and 4 different colours of watercolour pencils. On the table were 2 vases of flowers. The sketch subject awaits.

I couldn’t resist writing lots of guiding words all over their specially painted walls.

They have it painted in Whiteboard paint. Saves having a whiteboard.

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We got under way and before long we had heaps of flower heads emerging on paper, followed by any other nearby shapes which they could see in front of them.

Magic.  Put down only the shapes you see. If you can’t see it, don’t put it in.  Like any travel sketching we were on a time limit so it was important to get enough done to throw some colour on.

With a demo I could show them the sideways layering technique and how effective it is when you leave white edges.

Then it was their turn. A whir of action. Not a sound but the pencils going flat out. The layering done and it’s usually only a dash more intense colour that will pull the whole thing together.


And there you had it. Everyone now a sketcher. You can’t go wrong. Knowing what you now know.

Just apply that to anything you want to sketch and you’ll be having a ball in your new found creative world.

I know they were happy because sketches were being tweeted as they were done.  I was very impressed with their speed of learning and the very satisfying results. Keep it up everyone.

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