Sketching Together

Jeanette, Vivianne and I at Belgrave Cartel
Jeanette, Vivianne and I at Belgrave Cartel
Jeanette and Moi on the ferry again.
Jeanette and Moi on the ferry again.

A couple of sketches done recently, with Jeanette from country Victoria and Vivianne, one of our effervescent tutors.

One in line and watercolour, the other in line and watercolour pencil.

Sketching together is so enjoyable. The coffee order placed, then the silence as we sketch away at whatever is around us.

We were on the ferry to Sydney together, just Jeanette and I as part of her Sketch & Stay week. This was quite a highlight for her. To think we could hop on a ferry, and round the corner would be two of the most famous and sketchable icons you could ask for.

More on our Sketch & Stay week later.



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  • Lovely Erin …. esp your w/colour Been to pottery twice…. hands hardly worked 2nd time as they are so much worse in winter. Still..I’m fiddling round making a figurine of a French peasant woman, hoping she leaps out from my lovely smooth white clay. Will catch up with you somewhere round Manly I’m sure . Caught up with Glenis at Bastille for coffee. but sorry I missed you. Enjoy still seeing your emailsWill send pic soon, Love Robbie

    Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2013 18:59:30 +0000 To:

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